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  • Harvester Seasons is a service designed to help with estimating evolving trafficability conditions in forested terrain based on weather and model forecast information. The full service is currently provided for the geographical area of Finland.

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    Field biomass sidestreams GIS data describes the maximum harvestable sidestream potential based on current tillage. Sidestreams has been calculated by crop statistics, cultivation area, solid content and harvest index. Harvest index describes the part of the plant that is utilized as a crop. Rest of the plant is considered sidestream. In many cases the maximum sidestream cannot be necessarily utilized as whole, because of technical and economical constraints for harvest. Part of the sidestream is also wise to plough in to field to maintain its fertility. Field crop data is conducted from Luke's crop production statistics. The crop statistics in ELY centre level is divided into the Biomass Atlas grid weighting by the crop area of that certain plant. Crop area is from IACS-register, used to manage subsidies in agriculture. Farmers report their cultivation plans there every spring. Crop area and amount are from same year, usually previous year.

  • The Plain map series is a simple, plain and readable dataset product series in raster format that depicts the whole of Finland. The product is meant to be used as a background map whose character changes to a guide map in large scales. Impaired vision has been taken into account when designing the product. The key objects presented on the map are roads and railways, road names, buildings and constructions, administrative borders, waterways and other geographical names. The road network, public buildings and texts have been especially emphasised. The most usual limitations of colour vision have been taken into account in the use of colours. The product belongs to the open data of the National Land Survey of Finland.