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    Location (x,y) and name of educational institutions. Statistical reference year 2021. Data includes a location and a name of every comprehensive and upper secondary level schools in Finland. The source of data is the yearly updated register of educational institutions ( which is maintained by Statistics Finland. An educational institution is defined as an administrative unit as such not the school building or the operating place. Coordinates are mostly accurate based on the centroid of the building althought there exists some educational institutions with estimated coordinates. Estimations are based to the street address of the educational institutions. Validity (OLO): 0 = Valid 1 = Closed down during the statistical year 2 = Merged with another educational institution during the statistical year 3 = Educational institution removed from the educational institutions of the education system 6 = Educational institution had no activity during the statistical year 7 = Technical removal Type of educational institute (OLTYP): 11 = Comprehensive schools 12 = Comprehensive school level special education schools 15 = Upper secondary general schools 19 = Comprehensive and upper secondary level schools The general Terms of Use must be observed when using the data: In addition to the national version, an INSPIRE information product is also available from the data.