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  • This dataset contains points of information describing the location and size of spills of mineral oil observed during aerial surveillance flights by HELCOM Contracting Parties during 1998-2022. The data covers detections from fixed-wing aircraft only. Since 2014 Contracting Parties have also reported spills of other substances and unknown substances. The purpose of the regional aerial surveillance is to detect spills of oil and other harmful substances and thus prevent violations of the existing regulations on prevention of pollution from ships. Such illegal spills are a form of pollution which threatens the marine environment of the Baltic Sea area. Further information on detected spills in the Baltic Sea area and HELCOM aerial surveillance activities can be found at and The dataset contains the following information: Country Year Spill_ID = A unique code which will enable each individual spill to be individually identified FlightType = The type of flight the detection was made during: National = "N", CEPCO = "C", Super CEPCO = "SC", Tour d’Horizon = “TDH” Date = The date of the detection ( Time_UTC = The time of the detection in UTC (hh:mm) Wind_speed = The wind speed at the time of the detection (m/s) Wind_direc = The wind direction in degrees at the time of the detection (degrees) Latitude = The latitude of the detection (decimal degrees, WGS84) Longitude = The longitude of the detection (decimal degrees, WGS84) Length__km = The length of the detection (km) Width__km = The width of the detection (km) Area__km2_ = The area of the detection (km2) Spill_cat = Spill/pollution category: Mineral Oil = “Oil", Other Substance = "Other substance" , "Unknown substance" = “Unknown” EstimVol_m = If Spill_cat="Oil", then estimated min. volume of oil spill. Volume of the detection confirmed/observed as mineral oil as calculated using the Bonn Agreement Oil Appearance Code using the lower figure (BAOAC minimum) in m3. Vol_Category = Category of the detection: <0,1m3 = “1”, <0,1-1m3 = “2”, 1-10 m3 = “3”, 10-100 m3 = “4”, >100 m3 = “5” Type_substance = If Spill_cat="Other substance" or "Unknown. Product name or type of OS or GAR substances that could be identified (in case of known polluter, or via visual identification - cf. BAOAC Atlas). - Examples for OS: vegetable oils (palm oil sun flower oil, soya oil etc.), fish oil, molasses, various chemicals (methanol, biodiesels/FAME, toluene, paraffines etc.); Examples of GAR: solid cargo residues (e.g. coal residues), plastics, fish nets, … OR "Unknown" (in case the type of substance could not be identified) Polluter = Type of polluter source: Offshore Installation = “Rig”, Vessel = “Ship”, Other Polluter or source (e.g. land based source) = “Other”, Unknown = “Unknwon” (in case of an “orphan” spill that cannot be linked to a polluter) Remarks = Any additional information to inform on particular situations Description of marine litter sightings