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  • This dataset contains points of information describing the location and size of illegal oil discharges observed during aerial surveillance flights by HELCOM Contracting Parties during 1998-2017. Further information about illegal discharges of oil in the Baltic Sea area and HELCOM aerial surveillance activities can be found at The dataset contains the following information: Country Year Spill_ID = Spill ID FlightType = The type of flight the detection was made during: National = "N", CEPCO = "C", Super CEPCO = "S" Date = The date of the detection ( Time_UTC = The time of the detection (hh:mm) Wind_speed = The wind speed at the time of the detection (m/s) Wind_direc = The wind direction at the time of the detection (degrees) Latitude = The latitude of the detection (decimal degrees, WGS84) Longitude = The longitude of the detection (decimal degrees, WGS84) Length__km = The length of the detection (km) Width__km = The width of the detection (km) Area__km2_ = The area of the detection (km2) Spill_cat = The category of the detection: OIL EstimVol_m = Estimated volume of the detection (m3) Polluter = Polluter (rig, ship, other, unknown) Category = Category of the detection: 100m3 = "5" Casefile = The name of the casefile the detection refers to Remarks = Any additional information