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  • This dataset contains borders of the HELCOM MPAs (former Baltic Sea Protected Areas (BSPAs). The dataset has been compiled from data submitted by HELCOM Contracting Parties. It includes the borders of designated HELCOM MPAs stored in the <a href="" target="_blank">HELCOM Marine Protected Areas database</a>. The designation is based on the HELCOM Recommendation 15/5 (1994). The dataset displays all designated or managed MPAs as officially reported to HELCOM by the respective Contracting State until in November 2018 (latest data update). The latest related HELCOM publication based on MPA related data is <a href="" target="_blank"> Ecological coherence assessment of the Marine Protected Area network in the Baltic. Balt. Sea Environ. Proc. No. 148 (HELCOM 2016)</a> The dataset contains the following information: MPA_ID: Unique ID of the MPA as used in HELCOM Marine Protected Areas database Name: Name of the MPA Country: Country where MPA is located Site_link: Direct link to site's fact sheet in the <a href="" target="_blank">HELCOM Marine Protected Areas database</a> where additional information is available MPA_status: Management status of the MPA Date_est: Establishment date of the MPA Year_est: Establishment year of the MPA