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    The GML file products containing geographic names comprise of place name products and map name products. The place name products include data about approximately 800,000 named places and their names in different languages. Data about place are among others place type, plane location and height above sea level, and data about names are among others the spelling that has been checked by the Institute for the Languages of Finland and language (Finnish, Swedish, Northern Sami, Inari Sami or Skolt Sami. In the place name products, every place and its name or names appear only once. The map name products contain the place names that have been selected for the National Land Survey's nine standard map products and information about the cartographical presentation of them. The information includes the location of the name on the map, for instance the coordinates of the left lower corner of the map text, the direction and bending of the text as well as typographical information, such as font type, size and colour. The name of a particular place, such as a river, can appear several times in the same map product. The file products containing geographic names are GML files whose contents are equivalent to the interface products in the Geographic names search service (WFS). One file always contains the data about the entire country. There are two place name products (Places and Place names), nine map name products, one for each map product (map scale). The geographic names products are available for downloading on the National Land Survey's File service of open data